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Natural Collection Tinted Moisturiser Review

As of late, i've been really enjoying minimal makeup. Don't get me wrong, i love putting on a bit of slap for an event or partay.

But, when wanting to put a light layer of makeup on for the day to emphasis my features or to even out my skin tone i headed straight to Natural Collection in Boots, to pick out a product that would give me a easy simple look.

First off, i'm going to share my thoughts on their Tinted Moisturiser, here's what Boots describe it as...

Our Tinted Moisturiser has been created with a lightweight formula that helps leave skin feeling hydrated whilst giving a hint of sheer natural colour. Our little pick me up in a tube.

Kind to skin. Enriched with camomile to help soothe and protect.

Dermatologically tested and fragrance free.

How it applies
Dissecting their description, i totally agree how lightweight this product is. It feels in no way heavy or cakey when applied to skin nor does it look it either. It doesn't settle into any crevices around my nose or any smile lines throughout the day which is fab. 

I apply 2 little splodges to my fingers, warm the product up slightly with my other hand and go straight into applying it has as i would a moisturiser.
Using my hands, the product can be evenly distributed around my face quick and easily and instantly gives my skin an even tone. 

How it looks
It doesn't look greasy as you would expect to find from a hydrating moisturiser based product, it settles onto the skin well and looks gives me a healthy glow. 
I do set my t-zone with powder as i would with any product as betty can get a bit sweaty throughout the day, but my skin will look natural with a hint of colour for a good portion of the day.
As it is so lightweight and your thinking there is a few areas of your skin you want some extra coverage, whip out your fave concealer and apply that to the areas you wish, the tinted moisturiser works so well with other products and doesn't affect their performance.

What's in it
How fancy, camomile in the mix sounds lovely. Here's what google says about Camomile and the benefits it gives the skin so know what this hint of a tint moisturiser is doing to our skin...

 Chamomile posses many powerful skin properties such as anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal, antibacterial, antiseptic, and contains essential oils and antioxidants. Additionally, is a hypoallergenic and helps to reduce skin irritants by neutralising free radicals.

So not only does the camomile give a soothing, natural and gentle scent to the product so the product can go free of any other nasty fragrances, it has anti bacterial property to help with any flare ups on the skin, to calm down any redness we may have without using a ogre green concealer that gives us a very fetching shrek look. 

I agree a bajillion% that this tinted moisturiser is a little pick me up in a tube. 
 My skin looks healthy, even in tone and yet oh so natural. I'm always amazed too how i can achieve it all so quickly with just using my fingers.

I highly, highly recommend this product if your looking for something, natural, quick and easy and something that is only £2.99, absolute bargain, i shall be repurchasing again FO SHO. 

To see it applied in action, i filmed a get ready with me that you can watch here...

I've got a dream - Repunzel

Is there something in life that you long for, that you think of daily? Something that would suit you so well in so many aspects of life and know a few ways to go about it, but don’t always have the motivation or belief to do it.

For me, blogging is my ultimate goal. In so many ways it would suit my life like a glove. My hobbies, my interests, my physical and mental health, financially.

Everyday I think about blogging, becoming a blogger, how life would be, what I could talk about, what photos I would create, the friends I could meet on the way, the ones I could help, the fun that could be had. Alongside the negative thoughts too… I’ve left it too late, I should have starter years ago, no one would read, what if my little blog never took of so I could have my dream of becoming a full time blogger, who would notice me in a saturated sea of other blogs.

Daily, I sit and ponder and some days the motivation is real and I think right, I shall write a blog post and do so. But then other days I have no inspiration and zero motivation to even turn the computer on unless I’m perusing Superdrug.

I saw a quote today that Corrie has made into a phone wallpaper that caught my eye and really struck a spark in my brain… ‘’ Dreams don’t work unless you do ‘’

In the words of Rapunzel, I have a dream and when my eyes scanned across those words the aspiring girl boss inside of me screamed with agreement.

How do I think I’m going to achieve my dreams of becoming a blogger when I don’t even take action or put work in to even begin my journey? I need to work and I need to work hard.

So, I am back & I’m ready to work towards my dream & I can’t wait for you all to come on this journey too.

As Rapunzel continues, ‘’ with every passing hour, I’m so glad I left my tower’’ but it my case with every day and post that gets me ever closer I will be so glad I started.

Superdrug We Love Face Masks Review

I recently found myself doing a spot of shopping in Superdrug, stocking up my beauty supplies that i was running out of. Approaching the tills, my attention was grabbed towards these cute little pots of face masks. Well done to the Superdrug advertising team there ;)

There was an array of team different types such as a purple jelly which looked super cool, a sea green kale version and this one which immediately accompanied me to the cashier. I picked up the Coffee face mask that Superdrug are selling for £4.99, but i grabbed mine for just £3.29 on offer.

The packaging is very rustic and homemade looking reminding me a lot of what Lush has to offer with their fresh masks. Don't be fooled, the products aren't fresh and won't need using up super quick nor needed to be stored in the fridge but do only last for 6 months once opened. But along with the rest of Superdrug's own brand products are cruelty free which is awesome. 

I decided out of the six masks they had to offer i would first try the Coffee mask.
Needing some vitality into my skincare, this coffee beam scented mask was sure to awaken my senses and give my skin a perk up when it is feeling tired.

The formula has a creamy texture, not one that will slip and slide around the face, but of one that will sit nicely if you decide to sit and relax or have this mask on while cracking on with other tasks. 
It has a slight abrasiveness to it from the grounded coffee seed to add an exfoliating effect while the mask is removed.

I much prefer potted masks like this instead of packets, a lot less mess and so easy to apply. I grabbed my brush and away i went. It dried well when applied in an even layer as well to my pleasure after waiting 15 minutes it rinsed off easy too.

The scent isn't over powering but still gives a lift to the senses of a fresh cuppa 'co-wah-fee'
This is something i would reach for in the morning for sure, especially if i have had a particularly long day before/night out. It's a awakening product that only lifts the senses but gives the skin perky uplift when it's feeling dull and tired. The seed particles aren't to abrasive but had a nice touch when removing to awaken and freshen the skin even more. 

Over all i would really recommend give Superdrug's We Love Facemasks a go, i'm very intrigued with the rest of the range and will pick some more up in the future, their Blueberry Jam & coconut has my eye's averted for sure! 

*Key Points*

Cruelty Free
Feature Natural Extracts
Paraben Free
Contains 75ml

Love, Emilie x

5 Tell Tale Signs I'm Due On My Period.

I've been wanting to touch on this topic for a while now, that topic being periods.
The dreaded antics that come around every month for most women. The 'time of month' fiasco of rummaging through your drawers looking for your last pad that you are sureeee you saw a few days ago, knowing your going to have many uncomfortable nights sleep from lying on a towel to stop damaging your sheets to changing your outfit choice last minute because white is just too riskay. 

Today being perfect timing as mother nature has greeted me, i wanted to share with you my 5 tell tale signs that my period is due.

1. The most obvious and worst sign for me is a headache/migraine a few days beforehand. It can start as soon as i wake or mid afternoon and continues throughout the day until i sleep. As soon as it hits, that's me for the rest of the day, cue Netflix... I feel so heavy headed, the pain just takes over and creates a muggy like feeling behind my eyes. Nothing but sleep can put it at ease. I am trying to not take pain killers as often but sometimes just taking half a tablet can curve the dull ache ever so slightly. I do want to try some forehead relief patches to see if they can ease it off. Oh the joys!

2. I sometimes find myself hitting a wall and feeling so overwhelmed in the feeling of BLAH! Feeling lost in life and inevitably resulting in a moody mood for the rest of that day. It almost takes over me without no control and is very hard to snap out of. My husband knows when i'm due on also because of this. He can see when i quickly change into a meh state of mind.

3. Watch out kitchen, I'm coming for you! By the end of this exciting occasion each month, the cupboards are looking bare. All but crumbs in the bottom of the biscuit jar. A scraping of Nutella that i just can't seem to reach with knife to butter some bread and a very colourful looking living room bin over flowing with packets of empty crisp packets, classy. I just want to gorge on anything i see. While i'm eating, I'm thinking of what i can have next. I can have a slight control but sometimes i couldn't have a care in the world and there would be no such thing as too much brie on that cracker.

4. I could weep when my pen runs out. I shed a tear when i have slightly over filled my cup, i could bellow in cries when i see the squirrel outside just can't quite get his nuts from the feeder. I am a emotional reck! My husband very strategically picks a film/show to watch that won't involve something remotely sad and warns me to close my eyes if there is. I can almost accept this sign as it means even more chocolate to make me feel better and much to my little cats dismay, the more i pick her up and give her a massive cuddle to ease my sadness.

5. Motivation is dry. Inspiration is next to none, yet the guilt and feeling of unaccomplished still resides. I want to do those things i've been meaning to do, but my brain just cba. Sign numero 2 kicks in and down i go into a spiral. I feel lost in my day and know that i don't want to spend it watching another ep of the Kardashians, but the thought of actually doing something and getting that thing done just makes me feel tired and urge just isn't ever strong enough to boost my motivation to do it. *puts kettle on & admires Kris Jenner's makeup*

I do thank the nature and reasons behind us experiencing periods and enjoyed sharing with you how i can tell this momentous occasion each month shows itself.
 Do let me know if suffer with any of these signs too and let me know if you have any different tell tales when you are due your period.

I hope you enjoyed this tad personal/different post and i look forward to see you again...

Emilie xx

Garnier Mineral Pure Active Anti-Perspirant

Is it just me or do you love a good deodie review?
I think it's because, I of course use it on a daily basis and is so stuck into my daily routine that I'm always open minded to try new ones.

After trying different brands and different scents, I have really narrowed my list down to my faves and not so faves in the deodorant world.

Over the years I have had a love for Garnier with loving most of all the products I have tried from them but most of all their anti-perspirants. 
They offer many a variety of scents and offering different ones for different needs. 

This one in particular is my favourite by far. I think what might be a big factor is that I'm drawn to the 'anti-bacterial' statement. I love to know that all the bad bacteria from my under arms are rid of those germs. So when I copped this doing my weekly grocery shop, I added it right into my basket. It was only £1.00 too, such a good price.

The main thing I want my anti-perspirant to do is keep those sweat patches at bay and keep those stinky smells away too. Sometime's with certain brands of deodorant that really is too much to ask, but I have gotten on so well with this gem I have never looked back.

The bottle states that it is a pure active formula with natural tea tree essential oil that eliminates 99% of bacteria which is where the anti-bacterial comes in.
I loveeee myself a bit of tea tree and love how they incorporated something natural to eliminate the dreaded smells.

Apart from Ethyl alcohol this anti perspirant contains no other alcohol nor parabens.  
It also tells us how it will last 48hrs...
I don't know what is going on behind the scenes with the anti-bacterialling in this instance but i have never personally tried to test this out but when I put this on in the morning it keeps both sweat and odour at bay for a good 4-5 hours dependant on what i'm doing that day, a quick little spritz to freshen up and I'm good to go again.
It keeps the wetness away from appearing through my clothes and keeps me feeling fresh throughout the day until I re-apply. 

As far as leaving white patches, if I apply too much then it can get a little powdery but thats only when i'm in a rush and thinking quick quick douse myself in the stuff, which i really don't need to do. Then if i put on a top, specifically black, white marks will show up a little but nothing compared to others i have tried in the past.
A little spray to cover the under arm area from 15cm away, will keep you dry and smelling fresh and not feeling like you have to hang around waiting for it to set in as this stuff dries quickly. 


I remember the first time I picked my first Garnier anti-perspirant up was for my holiday. I love the size of the bottle and how travel friendly it was and wouldn't bulk my handbag/suitcase down. You get 150ml is the perfect amount to take away on holiday.

The MAIN thing i love about the packaging is the safety lock. I've had deodorants in the past where i have popped them in my bag and then getting a waft of powered lily flower in the air realising i have been spritzing it all around my stuff. With this little device after every use, i simply flick the switch back to lock and never have that problem. 

Among the other scents and purpose tackling formulas, Garnier also do roll ons. So if your not a fan of spray then the roll on might float your boat. I haven't personally tried the roll ons from Garnier before as i don't like them in general, so i can't give you my fullllll recommendations on those. 

The Scent

The scent isn't over powering at all. You can smell a verrrrrry faint tea tree ness but nothing over baring. It smells ever so slightly powdering but very clean and delicate smelling. 

Out of 5

I have thoroughly enjoyed using this anti-perspirant from Garnier in my daily routine and really recommend giving it ago for keeping the sweat and odours away. 
 So it's going to be a 5 out of 5 for me!

* looking for links wasn't easy and Superdrug nor Boots are selling this gem, but I got mine from Sainsburys and have noticed other grocery stores selling them too. The bonus to that is it's perfect when doing that weekly shop to add in the basket and save ordering from the beauty stores *

Spring Tag 2018

Welcome back lovelies & happy Spring. To kick off April, i thought i would share with you my answers to the Spring Tag, i hope you enjoy getting to know more about me and what i love about this season. I have left all the unanswered questions below this post if you are interested in doing the Spring Tag too! 

1. What’s your favourite flower?

100% daffodils. Nothing screams Spring louder than that yellow trumpet flower. I love seeing them pop up randomly in places in the garden and as soon as shop starts selling them i know Spring is here.

2. What is your must-have lip colour this spring?

As of late i'm loving wearing a very minimal lip. Either lip balm for casual days/clear gloss for when i'm wanting a bit more glam. Going into Spring I do still want to follow that on, but including a slight bit of colour. I love the tinted lip balms with a hint of pink, one i'm loving at the moment is Barry M's Unicorn, it starts of yellow! But adapts to your lip shade to a gorgeous pink. I also a soft matte lip cream from NYX in the shade Sydney, it's a really pretty pale cherry blossom pink and brightens up your makeup look for the season. 

3. Show us your favourite spring dress!

ouuuuu a tricky one! I don't have a spring dress! I have dresses for events and holidays but no spring appropriate ones. If i had to choose a style it would for sure be tea dresses. I think they look so cute and how versatile they are. I think a tea dress shopping spree is in order! 

4. Favourite spring nail polish?

Ouuuu this is wear all the pastels come out to play. I love it when spring comes round and i can wipe the dust off my lilacs and baby blues. My go to spring nail polish shade has to be a cute pale pink.
I do love Essie's Fiji and a lovely sheer pink from Technic in Fair.

5. Favourite spring scarf/accessory?

Although i don't tend to change up my accessories i do change up a piece of clothing for Spring, which is a trench coat. As it isn't too too cold that you need 17 different layers on, i can get away with wearing my trench coat and i love it! I picked mine up from a charity shop a few months ago for £10.50, such a bargain but i know Primark sell lovely ones. The only downside is that there is no hood to keep you dry in the rain, so i just carry a brolly with me as a just incase. A trench coat makes any outfit feel put together and i can't wait to start wearing it throughout Spring.

6. What spring trend(s) are you most excited about this year? (Makeup, fashion or both!)

I am so excited about Spring Makeup this year. I can't wait to purge my makeup bag and replace heavy items with lighter feeling products. I feeling very less is more lately when it comes to doing my makeup and i do love the fresh, easy looks that match perfect to the season. 

7. Favourite spring candle?

In America last year we visited a discounted yankee candle store. I picked up a few wax melts and one of those i knew was to be THE spring candle/scent. 
It's the scent of a daffodils. I mean, say no more!! The shade of the melt is daffodil yellow and just scents my home with smell of a daffodil field. 

8. Favourite body spray/perfume for spring?

Just like my makeup, when spring comes along i am wanting to go a lot lighter with my scents.
I always go back to my Paul Smith Rose. It's floral, light and lasts amazingly well on the skin and clothes.

9. What is spring like where you live?

We don't live too far from the country side but close to a city too, so we can see all aspects really of this season, i do love it when along the streets as were driving along we can see the blossom trees flourishing and admire how peoples gardens have bloomed from last years planting. It feels so bright and fresh when the sun shines and just instantly puts me in a happy mood. 

10. What’s your favourite thing about spring?

I don't think there is anything i don't like.
I LOVEEE the lighter evenings. This time round it has felt like such a long time until the clocks changed and the nights to get lighter. I feel so much more energised and motivated to do things. Social life gets more alive again as we all feel like we have more time in the day. I wake up feeling so refreshed as the sun shines in from the early sunrise.

11. Are you a spring cleaner?

Oh i sure am!! As soon as i know spring is around the corner is when i start to collect my cleaning supplies ready to get started on my spring cleaning/decluttering. I think it goes hand in hand with the lighter evenings. I feel like i have so much more time in the day which makes me so much more happier to spend time cleaning. My favourite thing to do is get the Zoflora out and start in the kitchen, cleaning all the cupboards and oven ready for the season to commence.

12. Any plans for spring break or an upcoming vacation?

We don't have any holidays booked as of yet but we sure do want one! I definitely want to spend a lot more time outside and relish in the beauty of spring. Wether it be getting up early for a brisk walk or taking an evening stroll in the lukewarm air along the blossom trees. Bliss. 

Let me know if you do this tag too! 
Thank you so much for reading & I shall
see you soon


1. Favourite spring nail polish?
2. What is your must-have lip colour this spring?
3. Show us your favourite spring dress!
4. What’s your favourite flower?
5. Favorite spring scarf/accessory?
6. What spring trend(s) are you most excited about this year? (Makeup, fashion or both!)
7. Favourite spring candle?
8. Favourite body spray/perfume for spring?
9. What is spring like where you live?
10. What’s your favourite thing about spring?
11. Are you a spring cleaner?
12. Any plans for spring break or an upcoming vacation?

Hello Kitty Kinder Eggs

Hello everyone, welcome back...
Today I have a egg-citing ;) post for you today, we're opening kinder eggs woo!

I found these in my poundland for a bargain price of 2 for £1. Along with the hello kitty options they also have Hot Wheels too.
Something i have probably mentioned before, i am obsessed with cats so of course Hello Kitty is going to be a love of mine. 

I was so excited to get opening these and see what i had inside of them and of course eat the yummy chocolate. I always forget how nice kinder chocolate is, how theres a mix of milk and white and how it just meeeeelts in the mouth, YUM. 

*The packaging states that children 3 years and under shouldn't have these products and to discard the packaging the products come in.
They are very small items including the case they come in and all need to keep that in mind*

I'm going to recommend only to adults 18+. I don't want to recommend something to anyone younger as it does contain such a small parts and to discard the packaging the products come in and that is my personal choice. So for the adult Hello Kitty, Kinder Egg lovers out there this ones for you.

Now let's get CRACKIN' 

(not promising that's the last one hehe)

The first egg opened, hatched such a little cutie!! I got a little scuba diving kitty. With a super adorable ducky rubber ring and she's wearing a pale but swimming cozzy. She came with a garden scene with a pool and float and sun lounger too. 

The little house/garden scene instantly reminded me of the Rugrats.

The next egg I opened made me gasp with how cuteeeee this little kitty was. I got a fairy kitty with a little pink bow and butterfly in her hair or fur should i say, A little purple dress with scalloped detailing and a magic wand and to top it off THE sweetest little fairy wings in a pale green to clip onto her back.

She came with a pink castle scene that comes with a chequered floor and flowers around the wall and carries onto the back shopping the front of the castle too.

I am so so happy with what the Hello Kitty's i got and i am needing another trip to Poundland to of course replenish the chocolate i have eaten but to try and get the other kitty's to collect too.
If your a cat lover, a Hello Kitty lover, or even just a chocolate lover this range is the perfect way to start growing your collection.

Thank you so much for reading and hope your having a egg-cellant day!
See you soon 

Collection Extreme Bold Calligraphy Liner Review

Hello lovelies, I am hitting you up a review today of this very different looking eyeliner.
Mooching around Superdrug as you do, the Collection stand caught my eye with an offer that I didn't want to pass. I needed a foundation and wanted to try a specific one from collection anyway (you betcha' there's a review coming for that too) and as a result spending over £6.00 you were given a free eyeliner worth £2.99. I love a freebie especially when I could with replace my half dried up eyeliner that was on the go. 

My first impressions were that of an alien from Toy Story 'ooouuu' 'aaaaarh'.
I had never seen an applicator like this before and not gonna lie was slightly doubtful.
I wouldn't call myself an eyeliner applicator snob by any means, but all of the technics I use for my daily winged look was running through my mind and I couldn't see how I would get on with this.  

So intrigued to try this, I used it for the first time during a get ready with me which I will link here.
Being on camera and not in my natural set up it may have deterred my impressions as eyeliner during a video just puts me on edge!

My first impressions applying this eyeliner, I immediately noticed how stiff the applicator was. It had no movement what so ever which was the biggest issue I found.
I mention in my video how I have recently learnt a new way of doing my eyeliner and this product really doesn't want to tag along for that look.
If your a fan of just lining the upper lash line with a close straight line to you lashes, I think this product would work with practise, but for a wing and extended shapes, I didn't find it worked well. 

The swatches speak for themselves really, the pigmentation isssssn't great but they is versatility when it comes to the thickness of the eyeliner. You can use it on it's side for a thin/medium line depending on the pressure when it's applied and went it's turned flat you can achieve a very dramatic look too. 
The first swipe as you can see isn't pigmented nor does it evenly apply, where as the side lines to each of the faint streaks were built up with a few go overs. With that in mind, I found myself dragging this eyeliner over my eyes and to achieve a pigmented look, I wouldn't want to put my eyes through it. 

So, unfortunately I wouldn't recommend this eyeliner. Which is such a shame as it is so affordable but i do think there are better eyeliners out there and I'll be sticking to my 'felt tip' style ones in future.
The positive side is how affordable it is and it would for those of you or do a very simple straight line across the lash line and don't like a harsh black line either.

Over all I would the Collection Calligraphy Liner a:
2 out of 5

Thank you so much for reading
see you soon 

Disney Princess Lucky Dip Bag

Welcome back to a new Disney post everyone!
I have another bargain that I picked up from Poundland recently in their toy section and thought i'd show you the pieces that you receive in the Disney Princess lucky dip bag.

In the bag you receive 6 items that are displayed on the back, so it isn't a blind bag and i do believe that each bag does contain the same items.

A little disclaimer:
*The packaging states that children 3 years and under shouldn't have these products and to discard the packaging the products come in. 
They are very small items including the packaging they come in and all need to keep that in mind.*

I'm going to recommend only to adults 18+. I don't want to recommend something to anyone younger as it does contain such a small parts and that is my personal choice. So for the adult Disney and Disney Collector lovers out there, this ones for you. 

You receive:
 A colouring card with a few of the princess' on as well as a 'draw your own' snow white & puzzle
Disney lilac pencil
 Plastic ruler with a bunch of Disney princess's over with their personal items
Card token that can be used as a keyring
20 piece jigsaw puzzle
and finally a sheet of stickers that vary from Ariel, Cinderella, Jasmine and Pascal. 

I really enjoyed opening my little goody bag and will be using everything I received. I can't wait to find some places to use my stickers and add the ruler to my stationary collection.

For the Marvel lovers out there, Poundland also had a Marvel lucky dip bag too.

See you soon lovelies and thank you for reading