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June Favourites

Oh didn't June go quick!!
Blimey were now in the 7 month of the year! Get your Christmas lists ready kids!

Lets have a wee little ponder at what has taken my fancy throughout this blast of a month. 

1. Love

It was my husband and I's 10 year 'together anniversary'. 10 years of being life partners, soulmates, boyfriend and girlfriend, i love you buddies, prince and princess just to name a few descriptions.

We didn't have a fancy smansy meal, but what we did do is celebrate with one of our favourite passed times of having a home cooked meal and snuggle on the sofa whilst binging on a series on Netflix.

2. Jessica Jones. 

My husband had to twist my arm to get me into watching the marvel series on Netflix, starting with the Jessica jones series. After so many marvel series binged, I have to say I'M HOOKED to them!
The latest series to appear to our screens was the 3rd series of Jessica Jones and ooft it was a gooden'.

It had action, power, tears and more action, my bum was tightly clenched to my seat most episodes. 

3. Podcasts. 

Instead of music in June, my ears opted for something a little different in the form of podcasts. 
The series i have been listening to is from a gorgeous and oh so inspirational lady called Jenna Kutcher. Jenna has a podcast called GOAL DIGGER, offering so many tips, tricks for your business and life in general. Her voice is soothing, motivating and inspiring to listen too.

I also feel a little bit more productive when i'm commuting as i know my brain is learning little by little and not off into a dream land listening to Mariah Carey envisioning myself driving with the roof down instead of on a bus. 

There we have a few lil tit bits of what i have loved throughout the month of June.

Thank you ever so much for reading and i hope you have a fabulous July, bring on the bbq food ay! 

Lots of Love, 

Emilie xx

Watch to see some more of my recent faves on my youtube channel....

Revolution x Imogenation Palette Review

(In true Imogen style) HELLO HUNS!!

hehe, oh i just Imogen so much & was so ecstatic for her when i found out she was collaborating with one of my fave makeup brands, Revolution. 

Let's take a look at some close up piccies to see them colours Imogen & Revolution have created & melt at the cute names and pigmentation of the shadows shall we?



The packaging itself is beautiful. 
The palette comes in an additional cardboard box which matches the exterior of the main palette. I love the metallic pastel theming and the luxurious feel to touch. 

There are 20 shades in the palette, varying from neutral to bold. 
I love the bright sunset oranges, they draw my eyes instantly & i am in LOVE with the 4 middle soft nudes to add a bit of dimension to the eyelid. 

From left to right:

ANGEL - ivory wedding dress champagne- shimmer
BUTTERFLY (<3) - tropical ocean blue- shimmer
HONEYBEE - Dubai desert sand orange - matte
SHOPPY - a 3 week holiday tan to the Maldives brown - matte
MILLS - clementine orange - matte
IMAGINE - cement brown - matte
YOU KNOW - terracotta plant pot - matte
GET TO KNOW - brick red - matte

From left to right: 

2NICE - camel coat nude - matte
LOVIN LIFE - my body with no tan  - matte
OKKKKK - horlicks drink brown - matte
SORRY NOT SORRY - cadbury dairy milk brown - matte 

From left to right: 

FOREVER FRIEND - sparkly peach/pink tinsel - shimmer/glitter 
HUNS - prosecco gold - shimmer
BABYGIRL - sparkly sunset orange - shimmer 
RAISE N PRAISE - bronzed red toned version of a sparkly orange sunet- shimmer
PINKY PROMISE - moorve or mauve- matte
BERRY BLAST - dark raspberry - matte
TRYING IT - red toned cadbury chocolate bar brown - matte
LIMO - black cat black - matte  

They reflect Imogen's personality down to a T.
My favourite shades have to be FOREVER FRIEND, YOU KNOW & RAISE N PRAISE.

I can imagine packing this to go away with me on my next holiday, can you imagine the sunset eye you could create with this palette, ooft.

The shades are so pigmented, next to no fallout and with this palette being from Revolution it means it's super inexpensive, yay!

I have a GRWM coming up on my youtube channel on Sunday to see these shades in action. Here's the link... Emilie Louise

Thank you so much reading my post today, i hope you enjoyed seeing my thoughts on the Imogention palette from Revolution. 

You can find Imogen's youtube channel here
& you can find Revolution Beauty's website hehe

Chat soon my lovelies...

Love Emilie x




20 Shades varying from neutral to bold

14 Mattes

6 Shimmers

Sturdy packaging 

Large inside mirror

Barely any fall out 

Cruelty Free

Vegan Friendly

4 shadows 2.2g (2nice, lovin life, okkkkk, sorry not sorry) 

16 shadows 0.75g

Spring/Summer Skincare Routine

Wash, wash, washhhhhh.
Rubba dub dub,
This is my spring & summer skin regimeeeee......
to give my skin a good cleaaaaaaan

(me like poems)

First things first i like to wash my skin from the previous nights sleep and night time products used. 
This is where the Tea Tree foaming fave washing comes in...

It's quick, easy and SO affordable. 
It smells and feels super refreshing on the face thanks to the foamy fun'ness. 

Tea Tree Foaming Face Wash - Home Bargains £1.00

Here's me pumping a splodge in my hands...

Lather, lather...

Wash, wash...

Pat, pat...

Then comes along my new skincare obsession, ALDL's £4 dupe of Pixi's £16.00 rose water toner. 
This feels amazing to add a refreshing, awakening feel to the skin after cleansing. It helps to calm any redness down whilst helping my face to keep a toned complexion. 

Lacura Healthy Glow Rose Toner - Aldi £3.99

Applies to a wee cotton pad...

Swipes over skin... 

& è viola i'm ready for the next step which is most important, SPF. 
No matter how sunny or how gloomy the weather may be, i always make sure to apply SPF. 
I use the Hawaiian Tropic SPF 30 that smells like an all inclusive holiday, skins into the skin effortlessly and creates a great base for makeup.

Hawaiian Tropic Silk Hydration SPF 30 - Superdrug £7.00

Pumping a pea size amount to fingertips...

& smush, smush, smush...

Now to tackle my mulberry bags. Me don't want dark circles that look so puffed up they could keep me afloat. This is why i take an eye cream to calm down my puffy eye bags, to sooth and awaken them from last nights sleep & to keep them moisturised to prevent any wrinklage. 

Simple's soothing eye balm feels so gentle yet refreshing to my under peepers and sinks in so quickly without any stinging or sensitivity. 

Simple Soothing Eye Balm - Superdrug £3.99

I apply about a grain of rice amount to my ring finger for the last pressure...

softly dab dab dab, dib dib dib...

Now i look like i have slept for 87678 hours, i apply the last step of my skincare routine which is lip balm. I want luscious, kissable lips and to achieve and keep this i use the Vaseline lip balm, mine is the aloe vera 'flavour' which has SPF 15 to prevent sun damage on the ol' smackers. 

It's super lightweight, not heavy or sticky & most importantly feels comfortable to wear. 

Vaseline Lip Therapy - Superdrug £1.39

Pop goes the lid...


& now i'm ready to pucker up to my husband wooooo!

There we have it, my springtime skincare routine. I love all of these products as it's barely any faff to do this off a morning. I feel, clean, cleansed, toned and protected from the sun and not forgetting a lighter load from sorting those eye bags out. 

Thank you so much for reading today's post and can't wait to chat soon!

Love, Emilie xx

May Favourites

Daaaaaa, da da, daddadadarrrrrr, dadadadarrrrrr, HEY JUNEEE 🎵

Now May has gone, you MAY be wondering what i have been loving, let's take a goosey gander. 

(Just a heads up, keep a look out for a muscial intro for each section, i had such fun.)

1. F.R.I.E.N.D.S 

🎵I'll be there for yoooooou, cuz your there for me tooooooooo, durdurdurdurdurdurdurdur dowwwwww 🎵

For. MONTHS, i was trying to convince Richard my husband to watch friends with me. Can you even fathom, up until that point he'd never watched a full episode, shooketh. 

After agreeing to finally watch something that's been on his watch list for months after saying i would rather watch paint dry, it owed me a chance to watch Friends with him. 


I have never watched every episode & i am disappointed in myself for that. 
But one shall not fear, we are speeding through the seasons and finally realising little quotes i often hear people say. ''I don't even have a PLA''

2. Stratford Staycation

🎵Me, me mom, me dad and me gran we went to vindaloo. 🎵
(talk about 90's throwback) 

For realsies, me, my mom and nan went on holiday at the beginning of May.
My nan and mom treated me to spend a few days with them in Stratford Upon Avon and it was BLISS. 

We spent so much time laughing and shopping & can't wait for our next staycation destination. 
We had some lovely food, played board games, made friends with the locals and nearly got eaten whole by the sites residential swan. 

3. Online Course

🎵Learn baby learn, disco inLEARNoooooow🎵
I started my online course doing Business & Administration at the beginning of April i believe and have been LOVING it.

So having any qualifications, i was really interested in upping my knowledge on new things.
As i'm looking for a job along the lines of administration, i thought this course shall do me wonders.

It's so easy to follow & you are given ample time to complete the assignments meaning a stress free learning zone. Best of all, it was FREE. I stumbled across a free course page on REED.co.uk and there it was, applied and i was soon sitting at the computer with a notebook and highlighters at the ready.

Thank you for coming along my May round up of things i have been loving. Make sure to check out my previous months loves too you might find something new to love in June 💖

Thank you so much for reading & chat soon my lovely, 

Love, Emilie xx

Essence Mattifying + Pore Minimising Primer Review

Today were looking into what I think about Essences' Primer that is so super affordable.

1. Price

This is the cheapest primer that i have ever owned in my collection. It costs just £3.50!

2. Packaging 

In essence's primer range (includes 3 different types) they all come with a suitable colour on its packaging as to what the primer claims to do. 
This one in particular has a splash of grey, in a powdery black clay picture.

As always, i love a tube. You will be able to get every last drop out rather than wasting a smidgen with a glass bottle product. 

You get 30ml of product which is quite a lot considering some primers on have half that amount.

It has a little spout to ensure you can personalise how much you get out of the packaging too, which is a nice touch when you might only need a tad of product for the nose lets say.

3. Scent

It has quite a strong whiff of baby wipes, which is rather refreshing. It's quite satisfying when applying the primer to have a fresh, awakening fragrance. If you do have sensitive skin, i'm not sure this would be a bonus for you and possibly would avoid due to this reason. 

4. Formula

Essence claims that due to the black clay infused in this primer, it gives a light, airy texture to the product.

It also comes out as a very satisfying grey shade thanks to the black clay and thankfully it turns clear when applied to the skin, so no worries of looking very ill, phew.

5. Feel

When felt between the fingers & when applying to the skin, it does feel like a whipped formula. 
It's a very light consistency which enables it to sink into the skin quickly and without residue.

With the primer being so light and airy and non silicony whatsoever, it feels so light on the skin. It doesn't feel as though it's clogging my pores up which is always a positive.

6. Application

I like to add this primer to my t-zone especially. I find that when applied to my nose and forehead it does fill in the pores as good as a non silicone primer can do. I find that silicone primers are more effective when filling in all the nucks and crannies but this formula does do a good job at minimising them.

Over my shiny areas, being my forehead and cheeks, with the black clay in this primer, it does a great job at mattifying that down. I love to do this and add my own glimmer later with highlighter. 

It leaves me skin feeling soft and smooth and refreshed thanks to the scent.

7. Longevity

This primer does keep my skin at bay and keep my pores looking less visible as the day goes on.
I wouldn't say it has an impact on how my other makeup performs. It doesn't keep and hold my base on for anything longer as when i don't use a primer. That being said, it does create a soft, smooth shine free base for my other products to go onto.

Where can it be purchased from?

Right here... @Wilkos

Do they have other types of primers?

yes, there's 3 within their Prime+ studio range including,
Mattifying, Glow Boosting and Redness Correcting

Would I purchase again?

I do really enjoy this product for how it feels on the skin, but in future, i may look for a similar product to this one but with the added bonus of keeping a hold of my makeup for longer. 

Thank you so much for reading my lovelies and we shall chat soon...

Love, Emilie xx

Strawberry, Banana & Oat Snack Bars - Testing Pinterest Recipies

I'm constantly adding to my shopping basket snack bars that are probably just as bad as buying a 4 pack of dairy milk caramels. 

I'm always looking for alternatives to make myself so i know exactly what is going into them, so just a like, i know what's going into my body.

I came across these strawberry, banana oatty snack bars from the blog called Running with Spoons whose author is called Amanda. 
I found this recipe on Pinterest from Amanda and couldn't wait to give a try. 


Strawberry Jam

2 cups of Frozen Strawberries
(mine were from Aldi)

2 Tbsp of Maple Syrup

2 Tbsp of Chia Seeds
(mine were slightly out of date)

1 Tsp of Vanilla Extract
(mine was madagascan vanilla)

Banana Oat Bars

2 cups of Rolled Oats 

1 Tsp of Baking Powder

2 Medium Sized Bananas 

1/4 cup of Maple Syrup

1 Tsp of Vanilla Extract

Method & How I Found It

The Strawberry Jam

 i popped the strawbs into a saucepan along with the maple syrup and heated for around 10 mins until they began to reduce their liquid, nom.

I brought the strawberries to the boil & once they started to look like a thick syrup, i began to grab my squishing utensil (we yet own a potato masher, so a draining pasta spoon had to do) & started to mash the strawberries a little.

I sprinkled in the chia seeds and eyed the vanilla extract & popped the jam into a bowl, then in the fridge to cool.


Oven pre-heating away at 190 degrees (fan) and greased my 20x20 square dish with coconut oil, you can use baking parchment too. 

 I soon realised i needed to somehow improvise and make some oat flour. 

One cup of the oats needs to be in flour form, the other in normal rolled oat form.
Out comes the pestle and mortar and i begin to grind up my oats like old fashioned times due to a lost attachment on my food processor. 

The Snack Bars

I add the oat flour and rolled oats to a bowl, along with the baking powder and gave a quick stir. I then mashed my bananas and added those to the bowl, as well as the maple syrup and vanilla extract.
I mixed this up into i what i was hoping to become a dough like form as Amanda stated in her recipe.

My mixture didn't look like a dough, but did have the elasticity of a bread like mixture.

I took a third of the mix into my lined tin and my jam was taken out of the fridge. I spread the jam across the mixture, avoiding going right to the edge.

Amanda says to sprinkle the the rest of the bar mixture but my mixture could only be SPLATTED.

After splatting, i wish my mix good luck and popped it in the oven for 30 mins.

Upon taking out, it looked a caramel brown. I let it cool for around an hour to ensure a clean cut of bars.

The Taste

Very, very similar to the healthy flapjacks i made a few months ago. 
The jam adds a gorgeous sweet taste and goes so well the banana-esk flavour.

I wouldn't say mine turned out as crunchy looking as Amanda's, but they sure tasted good.
With practice, these bars could potentially stop me investing into Belvita bars.


Thank you so much for you time reading my post & look forward to chatting soon, 

Love, Emilie x

Things I loved In April 2019

Were a week into May, which means there's a post for you to have a look at today... it's my April favourites, can i getta woop woop?
*crowd goes willlllllllld*

1. Cherry Blossoms

They are the cinderella trees of Spring. The stroke of 2 weeks after blossoming, the spell will be broken and everything will be as it was before... twigs.

For that short time though that cherry blossoms grace us with their beauty, everything in the world of nature seems that bit more beautiful.

2. Revolution's Banana Powder

I'm not going to give to much away as there will be a blog post up soon all about why i have been loving this powder to absorb all zee oils my face loves to produce. Let's just say it's a lightweight, non cakey, fine milled powder that unfortunately does not smell of bananas. 

3. Skinny Whips


4. Filming Weekly Vlogs.

Lugging my big camera around for a week of my life, to share with you some moments that i capture.

Thank you for coming along on my April round up of what i have been loving.
Let me know what you have been loving throughout the spring month of April too *insert pink flower emoji here*

Chat soon & thank you so much for reading
Emilie xx

Essence Fresh and Fit Healthy Glow Foundation Review

Let's take a look into why you should purchase this inexpensive but fabulous foundation from Essence. 

1. Price
It's £5.00!! For 30ml you will be getting a quality foundation for such an affordable price. 

2. Packaging
Not all foundations have the easiest packaging to work with. Although i do personally prefer plastic packaging (i love that you get every last drop), the pump has a slow pressing release that gives you complete control as to how much comes out, which means no flooding of foundation on the back of your hand to waste.

3. Coverage
You can easily use less product to give a light, thin layer. Add a little more and you will see blemishes being blurred but your skin still being visible. Add an additional layer, you will achieve a high coverage that still looks natural, yet covers all imperfections.

4. Finish
With it's vitamin complex and cranberry water, automatically when first pumped you will see it's light whipped like texture; Then when the product is applied with hands or a brush, you will accomplish a smooth textured look, that has light reflecting particles to give an awaken look to the skin whilst working along side a natural glow.

5. Feel
The cranberry water adds to the natural and fresh feeling that is left on the skin. It is smooth to touch and feels lightweight on the skin. 

6. Longevity
When applied in the morning, with a blot or two around my sweaty areas through out the day, i can get away with happily wearing this foundation for as long as necessary. I have no qualms that it wouldn't last a good 12 hours, with a good set right after application. 

 Where can I buy it from?
Right here... @Wilkos 

How many shades does it come in?

Unfortunately, only 4. 

Would I purchase again?


Thank you so much for reading my lovelies and we shall chat soon...

Love, Emilie xx